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IMAGINE... Home of the 
Never having to call an official again to fill a game assignment...
All your games have 24/7 visibility to qualified officials you designate to request assignments...
Being able to instantly send e-mails to all available officials for all open games...
Officials confirming all their assignments with one mouse click...
Complete visibility for assigners, officials, coaches and league administrators...

These are just a few of the many customers using Ref'r'Ranger software and Web'r'Ranger online services:

Web'r'Ranger online services combine the power of Ref'r'Ranger software with the convenience of the internet.
Web'r'Ranger currently administers over 60,000 games each season.
Itís proven reliability and ease of use makes it the market's best value.

Benefits for Officials:
  • Officials can submit their availability, as well as, black out dates to give assigners visibility of the available pool of officials.
  • Officials can see what games are available, sorted by relevant criteria, and submit requests to do games.
  • Updated information is available 24/7, allowing officials the flexibility to check their schedules or look for open games at times that are convenient to them.
  • Game assignments are made electronically and the official confirms acceptance of the assignment electronically. This automatically updates the officialís on line schedule.
  • Game reports can be filled out on-line and e-mailed to the proper authorities instantly, giving the official an electronic record of his report and expediting the reporting process.
  • Evaluators can view the schedules of all games being played allowing them to make efficient use of their time.

League Administrator Benefits:

  • Games that need officials can be entered by individual teams. The appropriate assigner is automatically informed of the new requirements.
  • League administrators can define who within their organization has access to the site and what level of access they are entitled to.
  • Organizations can keep track of who has been assigned to their games and see which games still need to have assignments made.
  • Leagues can keep track of the amount of money due to the assigning organization and get a detailed breakdown of their account.
  • Evaluations of officials are submitted quickly and easily, giving ratings on pre-determined categories as well as in a comments section. The author of the rating remains confidential.
  • Modules are available that will allow leagues to enter teams, rosters and maintain league standings, as well as, team and individual player stats.

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