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Software Description

Welcome to RefíríRanger, the most comprehensive software available for assigning officials to any sports event!

If you are an assigner and spend hours on the telephone attempting to fill slots, here is a program that will cut your work by 90%. With RefíríRanger and Web'r'Ranger, youíll never have to pick up the phone again. This software uses the internet and e-mail, giving much more visibility to a much wider audience. It gives the assigner real time information before he tries to make the assignment. Officials can see games that are available on-line and request slots that are open. Coaches and administrators can see their games posted and know that the game is covered.

Here is just a sampling of what Ref'r'Ranger and Web'r'Ranger can do:

  • Shows available games to officials.
  • Allows officials to submit requests for open assignments.
  • Games assigned on-line, notification sent automatically through e-mail.
  • Officials confirm assignments on-line.
  • Officials can view their schedule on-line.
  • Officials can submit dates they are available for assignment on-line.
  • Complete financial component, including billing of teams or leagues and payments to officials, including 1099 generation.
  • Teams can submit evaluations of officials on-line.
  • Complete Officials Roster, League, Team, Location, Game and Age Level management with report generation.
  • Manage satellite users.
  • Ability to determine which officials meet specific criteria for certain assignments.
  • Powerful and extensive search tools.
  • 24/7 access and updates
  • Strong, experienced support staff.

Many other features exist. This software was designed by schedulers for schedulers. It maximizes time, efficiency and minimizes mistakes in recordkeeping. We have included a complete set of features to simplify a scheduler’s job.

At an advanced level scheduling can include requested dates (screenshot) by each official for three time spans per day. The official submits a calendar that is entered in a few seconds into the database. The database can then be asked to list games that need officials for only the time frames the official has requested. In addition, a calendar of cancelled dates (screenshot) is maintained for each official. When an official cancels a game the calendar may be marked. The calendar may also be edited so that the assigner can enter dates an official is unavailable. This can be used to further refine the list of games. Restrictions (screenshot) may be entered for each official by League, Level, Location, Team or other Officials. This means that you can prevent the database from listing games where an official is not supposed to be scheduled. An extremely versatile search form (screenshot) allows rapid scanning for virtually any type of schedule composition possible. Games may be viewed and edited easily with a custom editor (screenshot).

Two rosters are maintained, one for officials (Roster) and another for non-officials (Phonebook). Each League or Team can be associated with a Contact or Treasurer from the Phonebook. This automates addressing schedule confirmations or statements. Extensive use of window envelopes is supported. Labels and reminder postcards may also be generated. A new game can be sent to a fax printer for automated confirmation with one keystroke. Locally we require faxes for all new games and can effortlessly confirm receipt directly from the database.

A complete check writing feature is part of the Ref'r'Ranger accounting software. Adjustments (screenshot) may be easily created for an official by game to assess fees for no shows, cancellation fees etc. These may be incorporated into the check total. The check stub shows all games, fees and adjustments. 1099’s may be produced and electronically submitted to the IRS. The latest feature added allows automatic checking account deposits. This eliminates the time needed to make out checks and the cost of postage.

Multiple schedulers can use the same database locally on their PC’s and update each other with a very simple method that creates small files easily sent by email to other schedulers. We do that here and it has dramatically reduced the time it used to take to keep up with changes. We are working on automated web access to FTP servers that will further simplify this feature.

An evaluation system (screenshot) is also part of the software. It provides a numerical method to evaluate officials with comments.

And there are still many other features and functions that are part of RefíríRanger and Web'r'Ranger that we haven't listed. The evaluation package comes with a sample database that allows examination of all of the features.  Download the installation software and register for a set of evaluation codes.

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Requires Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
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